a free service which you can augment the free service with paid services. The free services you get free conference calling, video conferencing, screen sharing with ability to change presenters. As a bonus, it is very easy to record a presentation, and share that presentation on the chapter website

Account Information

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Login URL:

Password: One23456!1

Conference Credentials

Dial-in number :   (515) 739-1285

Access Code : 689756

PIN : 6269

Responsible Team: President/President Elect


The Region 2 (R2) Website, or Community Leadership Site, is a sharing and collaboration portal provided by PMI for R2 leaders. • The R2 Website is the primary source for: • Information about R2 events • Documents about R2 projects • Best practice documents and examples for managing your chapters • The R2 Website is available to any R2 chapter leaders who are setup in their chapter’s Component Information System.

How to use it

Log into the Link, then navigate to explore Key content like: • A calendar of Region 2 events - Calendar • Events can be opened and saved to your own personal calendar. • Photos from Region 2 events - Share/Photos • Documents for and about Region 2 -  Share/Documents • Most of the content available on the R2 Website will be found in Documents.


Support Help 

Web Administrator • Chris Hanks • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. • Regional Mentor • Nathan Price • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Global Contacts

Region 2 Mentor, 2016-2018

Ken Riches  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What can Ken do for you? Ken can provide guidance or suggestions for any chapter related business.

Madison Chapter Region 2 Administrator

Larissa Moran This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What can Larissa do for you? You can contact Larissa for anything related to any Global web site, or global policies, and procedures. 

Responsible Team: Technology Team

* The technology team is responsible or training of usage of the document repository. Document structure and ceation is the responsibility of the teams


The Chapter users Google Apps for work or G Suite for a document repository.  A Paid account is required for each user. All chapter documents should reside on the Official Google Drive and NOT personal or work computers.

How to use

Google Documents: this is the document repository which is on the Chapter website, but extended to a PC or MAC via google drive allowing for easy access to view and edit the documents which appear on the the chapter website.


Google Documents 

Support Help

To get help, use support links within the google link application you are working with, or open a Chapter Support ticket


The Madison chapter has a support arm which has a sole purpose to help any board member or chapter member with technology and information related to the chapter business. The Chapter support arm can be contacted by creating a request using the link below. The support art has also started some custom request forms for specific tasks like requesting a PDU bulk upload.

How to use it

Log into the chapter web site, then click the chapter info menu, then Board Member Tools


How to Articles - Various Google Docs on how to do many tasks using the Joomla Website, or Name Tag scanners and many other tasks. you MUST be logged in to google using your PMI Chapter Google account. A Personal account will have a permissions error rightfully so.

Support Info

If you do not receive a response, call (608) 305-4811, let them know who you are and why you are calling.

Responsible Team: Technology Team


Proteon is the company which currently is hosting the Madison Chapter's web server. The email server runs the Google email server software.

How to use

There are many ways to send and review your chapter email but you should NEVER forward your messages to a personal email account for legal reasons. The technology team will support you setting up and learning all the ways you can access your email. Place a help desk request with them.

Email Distribution Groups

Operational Board

Group Email Address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  -This group emails everyone on the Operational board members. To see who is in this group view the org charg

Strategic Board

Group Email Address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This group emails everyone on the exec board. To see who is in this group view the org chart.

Finance Group

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. -Used to send anything finance related like questions about expense checks, PayPal questions about charges, requesting financial reports about the chapter.

Tech Team

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - Used to ask general questions about technology related to the chapter management and member tools


Google Email 

Configure on Android and iPhone


Contact the chapter support team for assistance.

Responsible Team: Technology Team *

* The Technology Team is responsible for providing support and assisting each team in training on content management. But is not responsible for creating the content.


The chapter website is hosted by a company called Proteon, and runs on a web platform called Joomla. Don't worry if you do not know what Joomla is, just remember that there is two views of the web site. 1) a view members see when the type in  2) a view that you as a board member may see which allows you to modify the actual content of the web site. 

How to use

Within the web site, there are many tools. Amoung them are event management, member management, email marketing, a forum we call Ask the Experts, and of course web site articles. Based on your role and responsibilities, you may or may not work with the Joomla web site back in. But it is important that you know the terms to be integrated and return value as a baord member. Your VP should guide you through how to use each tool as necessary.


Member Web Site: 
Administrative Web Site: 


Proteon Training Videos - 
Proteon Joomla Chapter Website Admin:  - 
Proteon CRM AcyMailing Traiing Videos: acymailing 
How to Post an Article: - see link

Responsible Team: Governance


The policy board manual is a index web page of links for all our chapter policies layed out in a fashion which is logical and easy to use. Much like a index page of a manual of something you purchase like  a car or refrigerator. Hopes are you will be able to find rules and guidance on how to operation on the board or as a member without a lot of effort. Make sure to use the Search in the top right if you still have a hard time finding things.

How to use

Click on the Chapter Info menu bar link, then click Board Policy Manual

Support Help

To get help, contact our Governance Team by clicking this link


Responsible Team: Membership


PDUs or Professional Development Units are the measure of credit to maintain a PMI certification. You can earn these PDUs in many ways. The chapter has a goal of making earning and maintaining these PDUs easy and an enriching experience to and for our members. Board and non board members can find information about their PDUs and events through a global PMI website.

How to use

To manage PDUs on our members' behalf, a board member must have provider portal Admin rights. The chapter president and membership team members will know who has this authority.  PDUs can be reported in two ways.

  1. Someone with CCRS access creates a pre made event and end user members go to ccrs, find the event and submit a PDU claim
  2. A chapter CCRS admin performs a spreadsheet bulk update, this is done through the Provider Portal

General Members Self Report

1. A general member may self report PDUs using the CCRS web site

Support Help

To get help, contact someone in either the membership team or our PMI Global representative


PMI Member PDU CCRS self reporting tool
PMI Board Member Provider Reporting Tool
Create QR Code Event Name Tags



PMI Global has a marketing portal which allows you to use Build a Customizable Template to customize materials for your chapter. The Madison Chapter in 2017 started a Marketing department.

How to use it

The Global Marketing portal: Log into the Markeing portal link and explore things like Templates, media like pictures and other documents. PMI Talent Triangle guidelines, Membership brochures, logo's, fact sheets, certificate templates and much more.

  • Home Page icon – the house icon on the far left of the toolbar provides you with a shortcut back to the Marketing Portal Home Page.

  • Work Center - Here you will find the latest campaign materials like ad templates that you can customize or directly download, documents you’ve created in My Documents, and quickly locate your favorite templates under My Favorites.

  • Media Library – This gives you the option of going to the Media Library where you can browse the assets available, manage and assets you’ve downloaded from the system. From this drop-down menu you can also access the Lightboxes, which you can save and use to share marketing materials.

  • My Stuff - This tab allows you to easily access your customized documents, favorite templates, dealer logos you’ve uploaded, company names you’ve created, and your user profile information.

  • User Guide - Clicking the ? icon to the far right on the toolbar brings you to the content in this User Guide.

  • My Profile - Hovering over the gear icon enables you to logout and provides another way to access your My Profile information as well as allow you to change your brand using the brand switcher.Beneath the navigation bar you'll see four large panels which serve as buttons to quickly access the main functions of the Marketing Portal:

  • Build a Campaign – This is where all of the customizable templates on the system live. Clicking here will allow you to select to customize templates for different document types.

  • Browse Assets – This takes you to all of the downloadable materials and image assets on the portal.

  • My Documents – Here you have access to all of the documents that you have previously created on the site including saved drafts and archived materials. This is also where you go to share a customized or directly downloaded document by using a Lightbox.

  • My Profile – This takes you to the information stored about your account. Here you can edit your name, the location you are navigating the system in, and update your password.


Chapter Logos (Must log into Google Drive using your PMI Chapter Google Account)

Support Help

If you are having trouble with the site or just have a question about one of the tools on the portal, you can reach out to our support team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We are always more than happy to help.

Responsible Team: Governance


 There are two chapter board teams. One team operates on more of the strategic level and pitches in operationally when needed. The other team operates on the operational level, and discusses and suggests strategicaly when relevant.

the VP on up is the Exec Board, anything below the VP level is the Operational Board

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