Responsible Team: Membership


PDUs or Professional Development Units are the measure of credit to maintain a PMI certification. You can earn these PDUs in many ways. The chapter has a goal of making earning and maintaining these PDUs easy and an enriching experience to and for our members. Board and non board members can find information about their PDUs and events through a global PMI website.

How to use

To manage PDUs on our members' behalf, a board member must have provider portal Admin rights. The chapter president and membership team members will know who has this authority.  PDUs can be reported in two ways.

  1. Someone with CCRS access creates a pre made event and end user members go to ccrs, find the event and submit a PDU claim
  2. A chapter CCRS admin performs a spreadsheet bulk update, this is done through the Provider Portal

General Members Self Report

1. A general member may self report PDUs using the CCRS web site

Support Help

To get help, contact someone in either the membership team or our PMI Global representative


PMI Member PDU CCRS self reporting tool
PMI Board Member Provider Reporting Tool
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