Responsible Team: Technology Team *

* The Technology Team is responsible for providing support and assisting each team in training on content management. But is not responsible for creating the content.


The chapter website is hosted by a company called Proteon, and runs on a web platform called Joomla. Don't worry if you do not know what Joomla is, just remember that there is two views of the web site. 1) a view members see when the type in  2) a view that you as a board member may see which allows you to modify the actual content of the web site. 

How to use

Within the web site, there are many tools. Amoung them are event management, member management, email marketing, a forum we call Ask the Experts, and of course web site articles. Based on your role and responsibilities, you may or may not work with the Joomla web site back in. But it is important that you know the terms to be integrated and return value as a baord member. Your VP should guide you through how to use each tool as necessary.


Member Web Site: 
Administrative Web Site: 


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Proteon Joomla Chapter Website Admin:  - 
Proteon CRM AcyMailing Traiing Videos: acymailing 
How to Post an Article: - see link