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PDD 2018 Team Leads

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PDD Director: Callie Graves

PDD Management Design

PDD is managed using email, Microsoft Project, and Google drive documentation. The director leads a a weekly dial-in meeting with the team leads to discuss the past week's events, next week's tasks, address any issues or concerns, and confirm that we are on track for the project as a whole.



Vendor/Sponsor Team Lead - Responsible for obtaining event sponsors then negotiating, closing and assuring contracts between the vendor and PMI Madison Chapter meet the expectations of all stakeholders.

Marketing/Registration Team Lead - Responsible for event registration and check in as well as promotions leading up to the event. Coordinate and execute attendee gift bags, prize give aways, and day of event marketing.

Speaker Team Lead - Responsible for proposing keynote and track speakers then negotiating, closing and assuring contracts between PMI Madison Chapter and the speakers meet expectations of all stakeholders. Coordinates speaker schedule and responsible for speaker hosting during the event.

Facilities Team Lead - Responsible for designing, negotiating, closing and assuring contracts between PMI Madison Chapter and the the event facility meet expectations of all stakeholders. This includes catering, location access for setup, tear down, and arrangements for technical equipment and booths for executing the event. 


Quality Assurance

To assure the event is quality, attendees are asked to fill out a post event survey and are welcome to submit soft feedback. The soft feedback falls outside of the survey and is reaction based. It can be submitted through a personal contact via phone, email, or in person; soft feedback can also be submitted via the PDD Help online form. The director and team leads assess the previous year's feedback and utilize it to improve PDD for the current year. 

Incident Management

Assistance with any aspect of PDD (attendees, general questions, facility, speakers, sponsors, food, etc.) can be requested by the filling out the PDD help online form or using the email address below. Both options create a record of the request and allow questions to be easily tracked and routed to the appropriate party. 

 Marketing Schedule

Marketing Guide

Event Management Tips