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Complete list of policies.

document Policy #1 Board Member Communication Guidelines Popular

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To set guidelines for how Board members should communicate; tools to use and timeliness of responses.

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Policy #10 Leadership or Region 2 Meeting Attendance

Describe PMI Madison/S. Central Wisconsin Chapter’s criteria for selecting Board Members to attend the bi-annual PMI leadership meetings.

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Policy #13 Guidelines for Volunteer Recognition

This policy provides guidelines for volunteer recognition. This policy describes types and amount of discounts to be used for volunteer events like PDD and chapter meetings.

document Policy #15 Audit Committee Guidelines Popular

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Policy #15 Audit Committee Guidelines

To provide an understanding of the objectives, make-up and duties of the Audit Committee.

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Policy #21 Corporate Sponsor Program

This policy outlines the details of the chapter’s corporate sponsorship program.

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Policy #22 Supporting Events by External Providers

This policy applies when an external vendor requests that the chapter support an educational event that the vendor provides.   This support can consist of one or more of the following requests

  • Publicizing the event in any of the chapter communication forums, including (but not limited to) the website, newsletter or chapter meetings.
  • Email blast about event to members
  • Coordinating facilities for the event
  • Handling registration for the event

document Policy #23 Conflict Resolution Popular

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Policy #23 Conflict Resolution
  • Provide consistent and transparent manner by which chapter members and leaders are able to mitigate and resolve conflict at the Chapter (local) level

  • Enable chapters to resolve conflict quickly, while still maintaining service/value delivery to members

  • Establish process for information gathering, facilitated dialogue, negotiation of resolution, and acceptance of resolution.

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The policy describes eligibility criteria for a student to become chapter member and receive membership discount.

document Policy #25 Granting Security Access Rights Popular

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Policy #25 Granting Security Access Rights

To secure access to chapter documents on -

  1. Joomla site – Doc Man (Document Repository)
  2. CS (Compoenet System Document Repository)

document Policy #26 Speaker Agreement Popular

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Policy #26 Speaker Agreement

To provide guidelines for establishing contracts that is clear and consistent agreements between PMI Madison Chapter and Speaker.

document Policy #27 PMP Prep Classes Instructor Evaluation Popular

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PMILogo 300wideTo provide guidelines for evaluating and appointing PMP prep classes instructors

document Policy #3 Contract Letter of Agreement Review Popular

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Policy #3 Contract Letter of Agreement Review

·         The policy describes who must review/approve contracts/letter of agreements when PMI Madison enters in to a contract/agreement with another entity(ies).

·         The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance for establishing clear and consistent agreements between a PMI chapter and any other entity(ies). 

·         This policy excludes Speaker Agreement Contracts,  that will be addressed in a different policy. 

document Policy #6 Chapter Event Attendance Cancellation Popular

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Policy #6 Chapter Event Attendance Cancellation

The purpose of this policy is to set expectations and provide instructions for individuals who cancel their registration to chapter events.  This policy needs to be communicated in the registration process for these events and on the chapter website.

document Policy #7 Nominating Committee/ Election/ Nomination Popular

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Policy #7 Nominating Committee/ Election/ Nomination

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that:

  • Chapters have a clear, fair, non-exclusionary, and transparent election process, enabling members in good standing to nominate candidates, run for office, and vote for the Strategic Board.

  • The Chapter has in place documented processes for communicating the elections process and timelines.

document Policy 20 Board Voting Meetings Fees Popular

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To explain the expectations, responsibilities, and rights of the board positions within PMI Madison/South Central Wisconsin chapter with regards to voting rights, meeting attendance, and event discounts.


Also the amount of discounts available for volunteers is outlined in this document for events like PDD and chapter meetings.

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