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3 months 1 week ago #181 by Anne Hunnex

Since I am mostly retired my focus on career and projects is different. I have the advantage of looking back and using what I have learned to look forward and apply those lessons. This is my time to give back to those that will build the future of project management and the future of work. That means it is my job to speak with younger people and show them potential pathways and open doors. My volunteer 'projects' is where I use my project management skills. I do that by continuing to be the person who pushes things forward in an organized fashion on the non-profit boards and teams that I work on. If everyone who is reaching retirement thinks about how to give back it can provide a wealth of knowledge and volunteer labor that can help build better work environments and a better society.

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3 months 3 weeks ago #180 by Gregory Martin

Career and Project Goals... in the next six months... Career is fairly easy - make it to my 20th anniversary with the company next June (which is a little longer than six months, so cross your fingers for me :-). But during this waiting period, I will keep pushing to advance project management in the company as indispensable for project(s) success. A promotion would be wonderful, just not sure it's my time :-(.
Project goals - interestingly enough, project goals setting time is in December for the following year. For all our inflight or new starting projects, we (PMs along with our teams) will be creating our lofty goals to assure a successful 2020. These goals focus on schedule, cost and quality.
Good luck to all the PMs out there finishing the year strong and push for a stronger 2020.

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3 months 3 weeks ago #179 by Clay Rehm

What are your career and project goals for the next six months?

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