Brian Bazzett comes from a physics/IT background.  He earned an MBA and had a budding career in financial management, but his ADHD led him to the constant chaos of a series of special projects.  Never messing up too BrianBazzettbadly, he continued leading projects for the next 20+ years.  He has worked for a number of large multi-national companies but mostly with BP.  With experience including managing a business with $1bn sales, global business change projects, corporate-wide process re-engineering, lots of IT projects, setting up and running several PMOs, federal and state regulatory work, blah blah blah and all that great stuff, he has managed to enjoy a long career of running headlong at problems, specializing in solving unstructured business issues and bringing failing projects back on track.   

Brian comes from Michigan and attended U of M but seems to be a pretty nice guy anyway.  His current outside project is divestiture of 3 college age kids still in onsite inventory.  He’s fostered nearly 400 dogs, is a craft beer fanatic and furnishes his house off Craigslist.