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pdf 2012 02 February Chapter Meeting Popular

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2012_02_business value of lean-agile madison.pdf

2012 02 February Chapter Meeting

Business Value of Lean/Agile-Beyond the Basics

 by Joseph Flahiff

Summary of Topics:

  • Stoplights
  • Financial Impacts of Lean/Agile
  • Mythical Multitasking Math

pdf 2012 09 September Chapter Meeting Popular

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2012_09_networking creating a circle of influence.pdf

2012 09 September Chapter Meeting

Networking: Creating a Circle of Influence 

byJacqui Sakowski

Topic Summary:

This presentation goes through a list of questions to help the participant decide the value of his or her involvement in a particular network.

pdf 2012 10 October Chapter Meeting Popular

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2012_10_highway construction management.pdf

2012 10 October Chapter Meeting

Highway Construction Management 

by Khader Abu Al-Eis, PE, PMP

Summary of Topics:

  • The difference between project management and construction project management
  • Risks associated with highway construction
  • Scheduling; from the owner and the contractor prospective
  • The procurement process & lead time needed to start construction
  • How do you get acclaimed with construction management
  • What opportunities exist in the field
  • What it takes to be a good construction project manager

pdf 2013 01 January Chapter Meeting Popular

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2013 01 January Chapter Meeting

Strengths Our Strengths: Identifying, Maximizing, and Moving Forward

by Dana Zurbuchen and Associates

 A WorkShop designed to help PM's identify and stregths, risks, and opportunities in order to move a project forward.

pdf 2013 03 March Chapter Meeting Popular

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2013 03 March Chapter Meeting

Free Minds at Work

by Cay Villars

Topic Summary:

  • Review “Free” vs. “Imprisoned” minds.
  • Examples and experiences. Costs and Benefits.
  • What creates patterns of “imprisoned”minds/emotions.
  • Leaders choose to be free.

pdf 2013 10 October Chapter Meeting Popular

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2013 10 October Chapter Meeting

What's a Signma and Why Do I Need Six of Them?

by Scott Converse

Topic Summary:

The Recipe

  • Sientific Method and System Dynamics
  • Data Driven
  • Process not People
  • Enterprise vs. Silo

Secret Sauce:

  • "Whitespace"
  • "Shift and Skinny"

pdf 2013 12 December Chapter Meeting Popular

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2013 12 December Chapter Meeting

Positive Leadership  Through Creativity and Innovation 

by Frank Saladis 

Topic Summary:

  • Provide a foundation for developing more positive and effective organizational leaders
  • Provide techniques that will assist in developing high performance teams
  • Create a "Change Ready" Attitude
  • Enhance the project leader’s "CQ" (Creativity Quotient)

pdf 2014 01 January Chapter Meeting Popular

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2014 01 January Chapter Meeting

Create High Performance Teams with Perfect Pitch

by Chris Clarke-Epstein

“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.”



pdf 2014 02 February Chapter Meeting Popular

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2014 02 February Chapter Meeting

Waterfall to Agile

by Nick Van

Topic Summary:

Benefits of Agile:

  • Track Productivity
  • Respond Quickly
  • Deliver value to end user quickly
  • Focus on end user
  • Team Development and improvement
  • Constant Prioritization

pdf 2014 03 March Chapter Meeting Popular

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2014 03 March Chapter Meeting

Neuroscience as Enabler to Change Management Success Results

by Suzanne Qualia

Topic Summary:

  • Understand the power of choice
  • Recognize the Change Management gap
  • Adding brain power
  • Utilizing brain power
  • Summary
  • Choosing wisely

document 2014 04 April Chapter Meeting Popular

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2014 04 April Chapter Meeting

Risk Management: Beyond the Theory and Into Practice 

by William McKibben

Topic Summary:

  • What is Risk?
  • Policy Cycle of Risk
  • Risk Tolerance
  • Probabilities & Calculated Risk
  • Risk: Good, Bad & Ugly
  • Common Project Risks
  • Dangerous Assumptions
  • Heuristics & Biases
  • Common Mistakes

pdf 2014 09 September Chapter Meeting Popular

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2014 09 September Chapter Meeting

Understanding Collaboration Architecture-Product Elicitation

by Scotty Bevel

Regardless of what we tell them, customers want to believe that the product or service that they're receiving is going to solve their problems. Effective Collaboration is key to giving customers ways to tap into these deep needs and express them clearly.

1. Discover how Effective Collaboration works

2. Learn key questions to help you articulate your understanding of the product

3. Learn by doing, the mental states your customers experience when asked, "What are the requirements?"

pdf 2014 09 September Workshop Popular

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2014 09 September Workshop

Linkedin Workshop 

 by Amy Gammon

The purpose of the LinkedIn Workshop is to help those who are unfamiliar or under-utilize LinkedIn as a powerful networking tool.  The presentation will begin with an introduction to LinkedIn and why it is important for Project Managers to use.

Here are some of the things you will learn

  1. How to create a proper LinkedIn profile
  2. Learn what recruiters look for in a profile
  3. Learn why to keep contributions flowing
  4. Have your LinkedIn Profile reviewed and get feedback

pdf 2014 10 October Chapter Meeting Popular

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2014 10 October Chapter Meeting

Career Management Strategies for the New Normal

by Laura Parrino Byxbe

A shaky economy, global financial struggles, and rapidly shifting markets, a.k.a. the "new normal, " brings great uncertainty to all occupations, and requires a bold and fresh approach to career management.   This workshop provides insight into how to proactively manage and nurture your career.

You'll learn the following:

  • How to protect your job,
  • Prepare for a layoff, the importance of cultivating a network while you’re employed,
  • How to use social media to stay visible and build a reputation and online presence.  

You'll leave with increased self-confidence in your ability to survive in the new world of work.

pdf 2014 11 November Chapter Meeting Popular

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2014 11 November Chapter Meeting

Governance for Success - Six Elements Program Sponsors Need to Address

by Todd Bagley

In these challenging economic times, strong program governance can ensure organizations maximize their return on critical, large initiatives. Todd Bagley will provide session attendees with an understanding of program management governance and the challenges it entails. That discussion lays the foundation for looking at the role of the program sponsor and an overview of the six elements critical to their successful governance of any program. Attendees to this session can expect to come away with the following benefits:

  • A fresh perspective on the challenges facing program managers
  • An understanding of how to address those challenges
  • Best practices for a program's executive sponsor to achieve success

pdf 2014 12 December Chapter Meeting Popular

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2014 12 December Chapter Meeting

How to Get Executive Buy-In for Portfolio Mangagement

by Chris Cashell

Getting Executive Buy-in--Learn how to build a Portfolio Management practice that can

  • Gain ‘buy in’ from Executives by helping them understand how the data can help their insight
  • Drive the discipline across the organization by defining key project values and risks before deciding on prioritization.

pdf 2015 01 January Chapter Meeting Popular

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2015 01 January Chapter Meeting

Finding the Balance

by Gloria Green

Managing your work successfully requires finding a balance. If you get lost in the detail your team feels micromanaged or your manager’s eyes glaze over. If you are too high level, the team does not feel supported. If you follow up too frequently team members see you as a bother. Not frequently enough and projects are delayed because a task is late or an obstacle is in the way. And how you follow up matters whether it is meetings, e-mails, phone calls or face-to-face – each has a place in your communication.

pdf 2015 02 February Chapter Meeting Popular

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2015 02 February Chapter Meeting

Project Management and Business Acumen

by Dave Melbye

It can be very easy for a project manager to get caught up in understanding and applying solid project management techniques while losing track of the business strategies that started the project in the first place. Learn why it is important to establish and maintain good business acumen and how to do it!

Attendees will walk away knowing:

  • What strategic business acumen is, and what it is not.
  • Why having solid strategic business acumen makes you a better project manager.

pdf 2015 03 March Chapter Meeting Popular

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2015 03 March Chapter Meeting

Chaos and Change: Become a Quick-Change Artist

by Kit Welchlin

Learn the strategies to develop the courage to invest energy in finding and seizing the opportunities brought by change. Emphasize action. Develop the reputation as one who pushes change along. (PDF file is very large.)

NOTE:  Presentation is followed by 10 page guide to manage change.

pdf 2015 04 April Chapter Meeting Popular

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2015 04 April Chapter Meeting

Agile Tools and Techniques

by Nick Van

Team Foundation Server Concepts

• Team Project, Project Portal, Web Portal, Workitems


Sprint Planning

• Story, Tasks, Poker

Sprint Execution

• SCRUM, Sprint Review, Burndown

Spring Review

• Retrospective, Backlogs