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pdf 2015 08 August Chapter Meeting Popular

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2015 08 August Chapter Meeting

Learning at Launch

by Kelly Parker

Learning Services is a complex and fascinating field combining social sciences, technology, products and services.

• To develop appropriate artifacts, a company must ask what are the learning needs and goals?

• What development of instructional materials and activities is needed?

• What delivery channel will be most effective?

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2015 09 September Chapter Meeting

The PM Role in Integrating Change

by Chris Cashell

Topic Summary:

  • Why care about Change Management? 
  • Value of Integrating Project Management and Change Management
  • Understand your role as a Project Manager 

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2015 10 October Chapter Meeting

Genghis Khan Never Used Webinars

by Wayne Turmel

Topic Summary:

  • Working Remotely today
  • Three things great teams do to hold it together
  • Why technology is only part of the answer

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2015 11 November Chapter Meeting

Self Organizing Systems

by Scotty Bevill

Topic Summary:

In  this presentation, Scotty shows us the power of collaberation.

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2015 12 December Chapter Meeting

Handling Difficult People


Kit Welchlin

Topic Summary:

Have you ever tried to work with someone who seems to go out of their way to create problems? In this presentation, Kit shows how to identify difficult personalities and introduces strategies that can be used to appropriately address them.

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2016 01 January Chapter Meeting

Project Everest-Essential Steps for Successful Projects

by Alan Mallory

Topic Summary:

Climbing Mount Everest is considered one of humanity’s greatest feats of human endurance. The two-month quest to reach the highest point on earth is a journey filled with unparalleled challenges and some of the roughest and most extreme conditions imaginable.

Alan’s dynamic presentation focuses on developing leadership capacity and strengthening teams by reinforcing the professional development skills that are essential for success in any endeavour.

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2016 02 February Chapter Meeting

Key Attributes to Project Success/Failure

by Scott Converse

Topic Summary:

There are many articles, surveys, and reports on the common theme “Why do projects fail.” It’s probably no surprise that poor or incomplete requirements is among the list leaders. In this presentation, Scott highlights the many factors that contribute to a project's success or failure.


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2016-03 March Chapter Meeting

Microsoft Project Online

by Bryan Quick


Topic Summary:

Experience how our latest features around Resource Management and Timelines can help your organization improve efficiency and communicate more effectively.  Also, we’ll get a preview on new out of the box reporting, mobile apps and financial management capabilities coming soon as a result of recently announced acquisitions.

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2016-04 April Chapter Meeting

The Future of Project Teams

by Samir Penkar


Topic Summary:

Project management is at the cusp of being transformed to a new model in how we work. How projects get organized, staffed and structured will impact our careers, work, and productivity. This session is a wonderful discussion/workshop on the trends, ideas and technology that’s driving the way we work projects. In this session we discuss the nature of projects today, team structures, methodologies, career paths and how technology is impacting the way teams collaborate and communicate. 

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2016_09_Alpha Project Managers.pdf

Alpha Project Managers

 by Andy Crowe

Summary of Topics:

The Alpha presentation is pulled from Andy’s book Alpha Project Managers: What the Top 2% Know That Everyone Else Does Not. He has delivered his presentation to tons of companies and PMI chapters all over the world.  Andy will discuss the myths and realities surrounding the world’s top project managers, and the underlying traits that make the Alphas stand out among their peers. You’ll learn how your company’s project managers can incorporate these same characteristics, skills and successes into their own management style.

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