PMI Madison Chapter

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Operational Board


PMI Marketing and Sponsorship Accountabilities:

* Develop and implement a marketing plan in support of the chapter strategic objectives
* Develop and implement marketing campaigns to promote the chapter and its activities to members and the community at large
* Market and publicize the chapter within the community
* Create and disseminate the chapter’s announcements, press releases and marketing activities
* Develop and distribute marketing materials, newsletter, etc.
* Drive the chapter’s advertisement process and ensure results
* Collaborate with local businesses to publicize the chapter and PMI
* Publicize the chapter and PMI through internal and external publications
* Oversee the relationship with the press and relationships with the public authorities, government bodies and non-governmental organizations
* Monitor and coordinate presentations to external stakeholders and other organizations interested in the activities of PMI
* Maintain relationships with sponsors for revenue generation to fund the chapter’s activities
* Coordinate and organize presentations to potential chapter sponsors, event sponsors and other sponsors
* Develop and implement succession and transition plan
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