PMI Madison Chapter

Why I Volunteer

Each month, our chapter will have a volunteer spotlight. Our chapter has a variety of Chapter Volunteer Opportunities available for yearlong and specific events (PDD) to fit various member volunteer needs.

Jess Smith, VP Marketing

I volunteer with PMI Madison as the VP of Marketing because it allows me to have a positive impact on the community- helping early career project managers like myself, and in the greater Madison community. I love being able to leverage my role to drive community service initiatives, inspire community engagement, and lend a helping hand to new project managers going through the certification process. The PMI Madison/ South Central Wisconsin Chapter has been a huge asset to me getting started in my career through the mentorship program, and my volunteer position has allowed me to gain hands-on experience learning new skills that I would never otherwise come across. I started volunteering really early on after getting my CAPM certification, and I would recommend taking on a volunteer role to new PMs as a great way to dive into the profession and meet some great people!



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