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Real-time Polling Tool

At events like chapter events, it can be a very engaging experience for attendees to provide real-time feedback to the speakers using their smart phones, and DirectPoll is a free tool allowing you to do just that.  The Attendees see questions on their phones, and the speaker can have the poll data displayed on a projector showing voting in real-time.

DirectPoll 400w

Here is how you get setup

  1. Go to 
  2. Click Create your Poll Now button
  3. Enter your Questions you want to poll at a later date
  4. Enter the administrator or presenters email address and click Save poll and send me the links
  5. Now you should receive an email like the one below. And have a Control panel to start your poll


You can start your poll now if you want, or embed into a power point presentation. There are different ways to vote also, either by text message or by a web screen on the mobile phone. I prefer the mobile phone web screen

How to start Polling

  1. The presenter should open on their smart phone the link that says Cockpit
  2. The presenter should open on the presentation computer the Result Link
  3. The Attendees will open the link called the Vote link for your audience. 

How do you get them the link?

You can either have them manually type in the short URL, or email it to them, or have them use a QR code if they have an andriod phone, its very large and be put on the presentation screen. * Iphones you need a special free app to read QR codes called "QR Reader for iPhone" to read the QR code.

Short URL example:

QR Code Page:


Ideally you should have the poll created ahead of time, and have sent out to the attendees the Vote link the day off so it is easily accessed in their email.


Dear DirectPoll User,

Thanks for creating a poll with us. Please keep this e-mail in case you want to edit your poll or re-run it at a later time.

Your Cockpit link

This link will always bring you back to your poll cockpit. Make sure not to lose this link. Losing it means your poll is lost.

Vote link for your audience

Forward this link to your audience and ask them to load it on their (mobile) devices. We're offering a QR code too to assure an easy access for your voters. The QR code will be shown on the result page before the poll is started.
Please note that the poll expires 30 days after you last saved your poll. You'll receive a notification before this happens. Just save your poll again to get another 30 days.

This is the actual full link to your voting-page. Use this if you setup your own redirect for your audience.

Result link

This link will always show the real-time results of the current question. You can use it to display the results on a big screen to let your audience enjoy the live-experience of answers coming in. 
The result-screen shows the QR code before the poll is started. This guarantees easy access for your voters.

Don't hesitate to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any additional questions or feedback. 
Thanks for using DirectPoll - a service brought to you by Netcetera

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