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Lucid Chart - Online Visio Replacement

First off, I love Lucid Chart which is why I am writing this piece. I firmly believe that using this tool if you need to create, manage and share workflow diagrams, use case, project plans or just about any other visual communication aid, that LucisChart is an exceptional option. They have a free version that is great and has most of the features. But you are limited as you would expect to things like the number of diagrams, and number of objects in a diagram. The paid versions are pretty cheap if doing things like what are listed below are important to you day to day like it is for me.
I purchased the team version for 3 users. We can share the diagrams with anyone( does not have to be a lucid user). Print to PDF, download images. They also have this really cool feature called Presentations. This is where you can mark around objects on your diagram, and basically make a slide show with motion using a static document. See the example I have below. you have to create a Lucid chart account (Don't worry its free) to view the diagram. If you have Google or Yahoo, you can skip the account by using their Single Sign On trust authentication.
Some Use Cases for LucidChart

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