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The Keys to Our Success We brought 25 of the best project managers together and asked them to tell us what it is that makes them so successful? What is the one nugget they take into each and every project that they believe contributes to their success? The results turned into a book entitled "The Keys to Our Success - Lessons Learned from 25 of our Best Project Managers".

In this interactive, multi-media session David highlights key chapters that deliver usable tools and techniques that will make us better project managers tomorrow.

  • Know Your Leadership Style - and let your team know!
  • Business Outcome Management - looking at the BIG picture
  • The Seven Bullets of Highly Effective Project Managers – keep it simple please!
  • Never Go in Alone (Mentoring / Coaching) – find your gaps and get help
  • Become "Project Business-Savvy" – learning to talk CxO language
  • Get in the Head of Your Sponsor – your #1 ally Scalability and Common Sense: Key Ingredients for Success – it is not one size fits all. 

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