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Have you ever thought to yourself “How can I get more done every single day and feel more productive?” or “I’d love to feel more confident and in control rather than overwhelmed and exhausted.” After working as a performance coach for the past 13 years and being brought in by groups including the U.S. Olympic Team, U.S. Air Force Special Forces, and many other elite organizations Jairek Robbins is going to share with you exactly what it takes to maximize your personal and professional performance, so you can get more out of every single day and feel unstoppable in the process. During this session you will cover: - Human Drivers: Understand why people do what they do and how to activate them to action! - Performance Coaching Tools & Strategies: Habits, rituals & routines to achieve and maintain peak performance - Decision Making Models: How to navigate the most challenging life decisions you are faced with - Building Mental & Emotional Resilience: Tool aimed at helping you overcome the major challenges life throws your way 

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