PDD Presentations

Mark Rodgers

Mark is an award-winning author, speaker, and sought-after consultant. Holding a Master’s Degree in adult education, Mark has also earned the National Speakers Association Certified Speaking Professional designation. Mark’s work has attracted clients as diverse as Harley-Davidson Motor Co. to the Executive Education Program at the University of Wisconsin. Mark will speak on “Persuasion Matters: Making Your Good Ideas an Organizational Reality.”

Far too often the best ideas never see the light of day. Territorial issues, personalities and organizational politics often get in the way.  One component of your leadership success is learning the foundational persuasion “rocks” to get others onboard with your ideas. Come learn the single most important rule that will enable you to hear “Yes!” more often.  Mark will share surefire strategies to build better ideas and get organization buy-in.

Julie Kowalski

Julie, a seasoned thought leader and consultant, has over 25 years of business experience, personally starting and successfully managing thriving companies. She gained valuable insight and acumen into the science of starting and running successful businesses and the art of earning and retaining customer and employee loyalty. Her presentation “Successful Project Management” describes key PM best practices and common mistakes to avoid.

Ever wonder what it takes to consistently manage successful projects? This highly interactive and dynamic presentation will walk you through the keys required to deliver results while having fun at the same time. You will learn:

• Best practices, tips, and tools for success
• Common mistakes and how to avoid them
• How to deal with project derailers

Dr. Kathy Schwalbe

Dr. Schwalbe is Professor of Business Administration at Augsburg College, veteran project manager formerly at U.S Air Force, Boeing, and Clark Oil, and author of three books on project management. She will share highlights of her newest book, during "An Introduction to Healthcare Project Management," emphasizing what's different about managing healthcare projects. Kathy's background and experience has something for everyone in all industries.

The world spends 25% of its GDP on projects, many being related to healthcare. Employers list project management skills 3rd to communication and technical skills for new graduates. Many business, IT, and engineering programs require courses in project management, and it’s time for healthcare programs to do the same! Learn key concepts and tips to help you understand similarities and differences in managing projects in the healthcare industry.

Scott Converse

Scott is the current Director of Project Management and Process Improvement Programs for UW-Madison’s School of Business with over 10 years of IT project management experience.  His presentation, “Managing the Project Pipeline”, will describe how Little’s Law applies not only to highway traffic flow but also affects project performance.  Participants will learn how to move projects more quickly through their pipeline.

This presentation will help you understand the drivers that affect project pipeline performance and be able better manage them within the organization. Learn more about:

• Elements of the Problematic Project Pipeline
• Using Little’s Law to understand what slows system performance
• Application of Little’s Law – What can a Project Manager do to affect system flow
• Best practices for enterprise project portfolio management

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