PDD Presentations

Craig Price

As a professional speaker, advisor, podcaster and entertainer, Craig has worked with some of the most effective and diverse corporate leaders, from multibillion-dollar manufacturers to top universities, around the country. With a background in customer service, entertainment, telecommunications, and safety, Craig gets audiences to look at the current tools “negative- thinking” people possess and utilize them as tools for change and productivity.

This innovative, interactive and entertaining (funny) program shows participants how to explore their natural thought processes to create a consistently successful approach. Negativity is an unfortunate part of life. Understanding its usefulness and value are keys to success. Craig will show you how to use negativity as a tool for innovation and production when covering many of the traditionally defined “negative” aspects of the work environment.

Kathleen Hamish McKune

Kathleen is CEO of TeamTech, a Kansas strategic consulting and facilitation firm, who was selected by Kansas Governor Sebelius to facilitate her BEST effort that resulted in almost $1B in savings. Kathleen is also grounded in quality management concepts seeded by an internship early in her career with Dr. W. Edwards Deming. An expert strategic facilitator, she will share facilitation tips to help keep your teams working together more effectively.

As professionals we know project management is both an art and a science, and therefore, we can occasionally run into bumps and glitches as we work to help people achieve a common outcome. Facilitation is a critical skill that effective project managers leverage to help project teams be successful. In this interactive workshop you will learn five key dynamics used by facilitators to help ease the way for teams to achieve project success.

Dr. Michael C. Redmond

Michael C. Redmond, PhD, PMP, CEM, MBCP, FBCI, MBA is an world-renowned speaker, author, and CEO of Redmond Worldwide, an international consulting company supporting enterprise risk management, business continuity, and disaster recovery for clients in Banking, Manufacturing, Education, and more.   Learn more about Dr. Redmond and her extensive project management experience at www.redmondworldwide.com

This session provides an overview for ERM in program and project management suitable for those in the field of risk project management and for those who want to learn how to better handle the risks that are occurring more often and have contingencies in place to deal with them. You will receive valuable information that you can implement right away.  This is a must for project managers in the new world that is facing new risks every year.

Walter Jankowski

Walter Jankowski is Chief Process and Metrics Geek of Reinvention, LLC, a consulting firm that helps Senior Executives figure out how to do things cheaper, better, and faster in their organizations. Walter works on issues like:

Is your organization using SharePoint optimally?  Did you know there is some pretty cool stuff you can do to build your department webpage / desktop, communicate to your team, manage processes, document procedures, automatically assign tasks, track the status of work requests or projects, create department metrics, and more! In this interactive session, we’ll walk through some examples of how to better utilize this powerful productivity tool.

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