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pdf PDD 2015 Morning Keynote Susan Packard Popular

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pdf PDD2015-LK SWOT Personal PMI Popular

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PDD2015-LK SWOT Personal PMI.pdf

The first step to reaching your personal and professional goals is to have a clear vision of your destination. You can't hit a target you can't see. (Zenn)  Create a clear picture in your mind by defining your passion, determining your purpose, and discovering any latent ambitions. That’s the “dream it” part. Too many people stop there, with the expectation that desire alone will propel them to their Dream Fulfilled. Elaine will be here to remind us all that to increase the probability of success, you need to write a powerful plan of action. The dream, the desire and the plan are all indispensable components to transforming a dream into a reality.

pdf W1 Handling Problem People - No Problem Roxanne Miller Popular

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PDD2015-W1 Handling Problem People No Problem.pdf

When two or more persons are gathered, the probability for conflicts to arise is nearly 100 percent.  However, you do not have to be a miracle worker to help people work together.  Applying the skills of a good facilitator can help you overcome situations that are potentially disastrous to the team’s ability to perform.  This session focuses specifically on group dynamics and “problem people” characteristics, and provides suggestions for handling sticky situations.  An effective team works according to the “Golden Rule” -- treat others as you’d want them to treat you.  Take away a repeatable, progressive approach to intervene and stop individual or group behavior characteristics.  You will learn to:

pdf W1 Rapid Iterative Process Improvement: Lean Thinking Lab Scott Converse Popular

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PDD2015-W1 Rapid Iterative Process Improvement.pdf

Lean thinking originated in production and manufacturing environments but in the last decade it’s become extremely popular in service, healthcare, and IT industries. Lean is a rapid, iterative process improvement approach that complements other process and project management methodologies including Agile, Six Sigma, and other phased based methods.  Lean projects, called Kaizen events, can be completed in as little as 5 business days.  In this interactive hands-on lab we’ll answer these questions:

pdf W1 Risk Severity Analysis Buffer Management - Mike Marco Popular

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PDD2015-W1 Risk Severity Analysis.pdf

Why projects fail? Because we made them fail. Not addressing the risks environment of your project will create a hostile environment for you, your team members and the project output itself. Project managers need to be more proactive, prevent instead of correct, issues that would occur throughout project life cycle. Apply risk management tools that will put you in control of your project.

pdf W1 Understanding Agile from a PMP Perspective - John Stenbeck Popular

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PDD2015-W1 Understanding Agile for PMPs.pdf

Have you been wondering, “What is the PM’s role in Agile?” or “Can Agile projects coexist in a Traditional environment?” or “What is the relationship between project-type and Agile tools?

document W2 How to Lead Now - Frank Saladis Popular

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PDD2015-W2 How To Lead Now.docx

Project leadership has become a critical factor in achieving successful results and project sponsors and key stakeholders expect the project manager to manage and lead their teams effectively. The challenges of leadership require the project manager to continually evaluate his or her capabilities to motivate, influence, and inspire the project team. Assessing leadership competency and developing a professional development plan are extremely important activities that project managers should be engaged in.

pdf W2 Managing Virtual Teams in an Agile World John Stenbeck Popular

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Have you ever said, “Meetings! Where minutes are taken, hours are wasted and good ideas go to die!!” Even when your team is all in the same room, far too often meetings are a waste of time. Add the complexity of distributed, remote, and virtual team environments, rush-to-completion stakeholder expectations, and the demand for Agile Project Management and you have a potent mix that’s highly prone to failure. Yet managing distributed, remote, and teams is “mandatory” for every PM today!

pdf W2 Navigating through Tough Moments Sinikka Waugh Popular

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PDD2015-W2 Navigating through Tough Moments.pdf

Using our new five-step conflict resolution model, we’ll explore techniques to navigate through conflict and maintain a healthy working environment. During this session, you’ll practice navigating through difficult conversations, and learn valuable communication tools and techniques to help you and your team get past the drama and back to work.

pdf W2 Step Ladder Interviews - Gathering Stakeholder Requirements and Categorizing Feedback - Scott Converse Popular

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PDD2015-W2 Step Ladder Interviews-session materials.pdf

Don’t slip into the trap of asking stakeholders “What are your requirements.”  The responses they give are often not what’s really needed in the future state solution. The current research in this field suggests a different approach that better gets to the real requirements stakeholders need and we’ll practice this stepladder technique.

pdf W3 Agile Tools & Techniques - Mike Marco Popular

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PDD2015-W3 AG1001_Tools and Technique.pdf

Can a traditional project manager learn from Agile? Can we use the Agile concepts within other industries? The presentation focuses on the key Agile concepts, tools and techniques, that could be applied within other industries, including concepts of value analysis, schedule and risk analysis, agile reporting, etc.

pdf W3 The Development Difference – Essential Insights for Understanding Mastering Development Projects - Randy Iliff Popular

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PDD2015-W3 R_Iliff Development Difference.pdf

All projects are challenging, but projects with developmental objectives are much more likely to encounter cost, schedule and technical issues.  This simple workshop activity, to date experienced by over 5,000 participants worldwide, will leave you with a much richer understanding of how to master the “development difference”.

pdf W3 Transformational Thinking and Planning Elaine Beaubien Popular

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Transformational thinking – moving with passion towards an ideal that is outside “business as usual” – is necessary to your survival in this rapidly changing world. When strategically planning, most businesses are very good at transitional thinking (often referred to as SWOT Analysis).  They focus on leveraging their Strengths, overcoming their Weaknesses, and identifying Opportunities for growth while warding off possible Threats. However, such traditional, transitional thinking can no longer assure success.