Brian Vanderjack

Session Speaker

Brian’s full time job is as an Agile Scrum Coach for AT&T, where he develops & delivers training and assists Agile Scrum teams to get better. In this role he won the award for outstanding team contributor. Before this he was a project manager for over 15 years. In this role he won the Excellence in Project Management Award from AT&T. Currently he is assisting in creating AT&T’s class for how-to-pass-the-PMI-ACP-test.

As an award winning public speaker he has spoken at many venues including AT&T, IBM, Microsoft etc. He has also spoken at many different PMI chapters on Project Management, Leadership, and Agile/Scrum.

He is also a faculty member at University of Phoenix where he teaches Project Management, Creative Thinking, and Team Leadership. In this role he won Facilitator of the year for Illinois. His ability to share information has resulted in many articles published in PM World Journal (distribution approx. 15,000 people), and a book on Agile/Scrum called “The Agile Edge, published by Business Expert Press. He is honored to have received over 1,000 Linkedin “Endorsements.”


Leadership for Scrum Masters and Project Managers

2:15 P.M. - 1 Technicial Track PDU

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This seminar teaches the basics of leadership so that Scrum Masters and Project managers can more effectively lead their teams. It also identifies useful elements from management that can also assist in project completion. Specifically:
1. Transformational Leadership
2. Emotionally Intelligent Leadership
3. Managing teams for results

Emotional Intelligence & Team Leadership

9:30 AM - 1 Leadership Track PDU

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Emotional Intelligence (EI) is thought to be more of an indicator of success than IQ. That is, by understanding yourself, and others, you can better lead in times of stress. Specifically this seminar will share: 
a. What EI is 
b. Why it is valuable 
c. How to use it to better lead teams