Chad Kopitzke

Session Speaker

Chad Kopitzke is an Xer stuck between two of the largest generations in American history—millennials on one side, boomers on the other. Through his background of managing internship programs on a state university campus, Chad has effectively played third party between companies and students. He hears what business leaders need and what keeps them up at night. And he understands today’s college kids—how they think and what they value.

Chad’s own mentors have been C-level corporate boomers, which means he can also relate to how they operate and what they expect. All of this places Chad at a unique vantage point in modern business culture. His focus is to help generations connect—rather than collide—for the sake of business growth.


Generations Collide.. you're in the middle of it - what's next?

11:00 AM Session 2 - 1 Strategic PDU

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Generational differences are becoming a bigger issue in the workplace as many organizations begin transitioning to a younger workforce. Millennials have now overtaken all generations in sheer numbers, quickly becoming the largest employee population in the nation.

You see the way your organization has been operating, but also you see changes coming through the influence of younger employees. Now what? How do you manage both worlds colliding in the workplace? How do you solve key generational issues so that your employees are working together for the good of the organization—rather than working against each other?

In this presentation, “Generations Collide,” millennial expert Chad Kopitzke will help you dive deeper into common generational differences, teach you to engage across those gaps, and generate valuable ideas to support lasting change for the sake of your organization’s long-term success.