Chad Beier

Session Speaker

Chad works with all levels of the organization to optimize your business to respond to change. I am passionate about moving organizations and people closer to agility. My passion for training led me to the public speaking realm. I’m passionate about speaking on any topic that contributes to improvements surrounding organizational structure/behavior/effectiveness, modern management, agility, Scrum, Kanban, team dynamics.



Cultivate Organizational Agility - Make the Hidden Visible

9:30 AM Session 1 - 1 Strategic PDU

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See waste, work on less, deliver more. Knowledge work is invisible. It is hard to know when he hit our capacity but we feel the pain. We start multitasking (or task switching) to keep up. We introduce errors, create waste, and ultimately burnout. Information technology delivery organizations live in an intangible world but they need to start making the hidden visible. In the manufacturing world, to optimize the production line we walk through the building to look for high levels of WIP, waste, bottlenecks, and constraints. What if we could bring the same visibility to our knowledge work? This talk explains how we can make the hidden visible by changing our delivery organization’s structure, behaviors, and processes.

Aigile: Where to Start and Why

11:00 AM Session 2 - 1 Technical PDU

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Achieving agility almost always involves organizational structure changes that lead to true culture change. Doing agile is focused on mechanics of frameworks such as Scrum without realizing the true benefits of agility or understanding the “whys” behind the frameworks. Being agile is more about a mindset shift in how we approach work – using agile frameworks with the “whys” in mind and organizing our people to achieve agility. Doing agile lives within status quo processes; being agile challenges status quo processes with a spirit of continuous improvement.

This whiteboard talk clarifies what “agile” is, highlights the most important factors in achieving true agility, and why many agile adoptions “fail” to get there.

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