Tom Crea

Session Speaker

Tom Crea challenges leaders to live their values. A retired Army officer and Blackhawk helicopter pilot with decades of leadership experience, he interacted with employees at every level, from Private to 4-star General.

Tom served in high-level leadership positions in aviation, information technology, and higher education environments, including four years as a project manager and two years in program management. Today, he shares frontline and “in the trenches” lessons learned with managers who want to set the example and lead their teams more effectively.

Tom studied Computer Science as an undergrad and he holds Masters Degrees in Computer Science and Political Science. He is the author of “Unleash Your Values: How to Lead and Succeed in Business Today… A Helicopter Pilot’s Spin on Developing the Leader in You”


On Course, On Glide Path: Your Journey in Leadership Development

11:00 AM Session 2 - 1 Leadership Track PDU

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A metaphor for leading your project to completion on time and within budget, “On Course, On Glide Path.” is what every pilot wants to hear as they descend through the clouds. At your critical decision point, you either have the airfield in sight, or you climb and execute a missed approach. This continues until you are successful, or… you run out of gas. Project managers may not get a second chance.

Throughout your leadership journey, you must assess your milestones continuously as you execute your plan. On this interactive flight, we will pause at each milestone to discuss a key leadership principle fundamental to your success.

Leadership principles include, but are not limited to the differences between: power and authority, authority and responsibility, and, managing versus leading. We will also address other key principles such as living your values, interpersonal skills, setting the example, and more.

Project managers will leave:
1. Realizing that project leadership requires much more than your technical ability
2. Identifying actions that will gain the trust and confidence of your team
3. Knowing why living your values is critical to your success

On Time, On Target: Creating a Culture for Winning Teams

9:30 AM Session 1 - 1 Technical Track PDU

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A metaphor for achieving organizational goals, every project manager wants to lead their team to arrive at the objective “On Time, On Target.” With so many variables that can derail an effort, project managers must inspire team members to keep their focus on the overall purpose and work together.

Values are the glue. Values are like magnets: marketed to attract like-minded people, when lived, you retain your best and brightest, so that you create that elusive culture that sets apart the most successful teams.

On this interactive flight, we will pause at each checkpoint to discuss a key indicator that will help you build relationships and unify your team.

Teamwork principles include, but are not limited to: living your values beliefs, recognizing differing perspectives, and how leaders influence by setting the example.

We will also address other principles such as developing others by empowering and creating stronger teams by delegating more.

Project managers will leave:
1. Knowing why living your values is central to creating a strong culture
2. Discovering how to keep teams balanced, stable, and headed in the right direction
3. Realizing why self-awareness is critical for leaders

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