Menlo 101: Comparision of Roles and Methodology

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John Martin

John Martin joined Menlo Innovations in March of 2011. Since joining the team, he has played many different roles at Menlo including: software developer, High-Tech Anthropologist®, transformational consultant, and project manager. John has experience working on a variety of projects ranging from FDA medical device software to personal and auto insurance quoting solutions.

Working as a project manager, John has utilized The Menlo Way™ processes and tools - an Agile inspired set of methodologies inspired by practices such as iterative and incremental development and Kent Beck’s extreme Programming. These processes create transparency in the software development process and empower stakeholders to make business decisions to drive their project.

Prior to joining Menlo, John worked for a literary management and film production company in Los Angeles, CA. This opportunity allowed John to experience both the creative and business sides of producing feature films as well as working with many different clients. After leaving the film industry, John moved back to Ann Arbor, MI where he acquired a Master’s Degree in Computer Information Systems from Eastern Michigan University.


Andrew Muyanja

Menlo High-Tech Anthropologist: Since joining Menlo Innovations in 2014, Andrew Muyanja has worked on a diverse set of user experience design projects, using Menlo’s High-Tech Anthropology process, in domains like logistics management, investment management, medical software, automobile maintenance and insurance. Andrew has also been involved in transformational consulting, which involves coaching staff within organizations to champion the use of end-user feedback in making design and business decisions.

Prior to joining Menlo, Andrew pursued a Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship from the University of Michigan. He also worked on a number of user experience design projects in areas like crime records management, road maintenance, and student evaluation of teaching.

Session 3 - Flying Forward Track Technical PM

Menlo 101 - Comparision of Roles and Methodology

2L15-3:15 PM Session 3 - 1 Leadership Track PDU in Salon A

As described in Rich Sheridan's book, Joy, Inc., joy at Menlo has two sides. First, it involves delighting end users by creating software that is easy to use and intuitively meets their needs. Second, it's about working with a passionate, engaged team in a collaborative, creative environment free of fear and distraction. The Menlo culture is both joyful and disciplined. In this talk, a Menlo High-Tech Anthropologist® and a Menlo Project Manager will discuss the different Menlo roles (what is a High-Tech Anthropologist® anyway?) and how they fit into Menlo's iterative processes - pairing, weekly hands-on visual planning techniques, estimation without fear, and more. Click to Learn More

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