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Mark Schulman

Lunch Keynote Address: TBD

Mark Schulman will empower, inspire and elevate your mindset to a new level of peak performance. Mark will embolden you with the essence of a rockstar by incorporating his powerful business philosophy and innovative strategic content with engaging multimedia and drum performances. Through Mark’s high-energy speaking style, strategic business expertise, and dynamic, interactive musical activities, you will get to express your own rhythms, fortify individual strengths and enhance emotional connections with your colleagues and families. With the excitement of a rock show, you’ll learn how to break the boundaries of possibility and performance.

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Michael Veltri

Morning Keynote Address: TBD

A battle-hardened entrepreneur, bestselling author, decorated Marine veteran, cancer survivor, and business transformation keynote expert. Recognizing that our successes, both organizationally and personally, are the culmination of our daily decisions, Veltri elevates organizations and improves lives through better decision-making practices. From ancient Japanese warriors to brain science, from business titans to academic research, Michael tapped wide-ranging sources to develop a groundbreaking model for better decision-making. Surprisingly simple and eminently effective, Veltri's approach has impacted some of the most prolific organizations and leaders in the world.

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