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All about CCRs and PDU


CCR and PDU Overview

What is a PDU?
It is a Professional Development Unit which provides a standardized measurement for continuing education. The key point about PDUs is that you need 60 of them in order to maintain your PMP certification.

What is the CCR?

The CCR is PMI’s Continuing Certification Requirements Program. This program supports the ongoing educational and professional development of PMI certified PMPs.  People who have earned the PMP certification must meet the following requirements in order to keep and renew their certification:

  • Accrue a minimum of 60 PDUs during each CCR cycle
  • Comply with the PMI code of professional conduct
  • Return the application along with the fee for certification renewal


Important points to remember about PMI’s Continuing Certification Requirements Program:

Know your CCR cycle timeframe

The cycle begins when you are awarded the PMP certification and ends on December 31st of the third full calendar year following the year of certification. The renewal dates are also provided on your PMP certification.

Report your activities

Go to the PDU Reporting Instructions page on the PMI website in order to report your activities. Documentation exists to explain how to fill in the required information.

If you do not have access to the internet or prefer not to use it, reporting forms can be mailed or faxed into the PMI/CCR Office.
After satisfying the 60 PDU requirement, PMPs will be sent an Application for Certification Renewal. This application will automatically be mailed to PMPs after PMI Records confirms their PDU submissions to the Certification department at PMI Headquarters. An updated certificate package will be sent out upon PMI’s receipt of the completed Application for Certification Renewal. Submission of a completed Application for Certification Renewal is required for renewal. The application and any accompanying payment information must be returned no later than 90 days after the PMP’s certification deadline.

Keep records

It is your responsibility to maintain accurate records of the activities that you use to claim PDUs. You will need to produce these records if you are ever audited so make certain to keep all records and receipts in a folder.

Refer to the PMI website for updates on the program and to confirm that your PDUs are reported correctly.

You may view your PDU totals via the online PDU transcript. If you fax or mail PDU reporting forms, it may take 3-6 weeks to appear.

For further information on the CCR, please refer to the PMI Global Website