Mentoring - Madison College

Mentoring is a rewarding experience for the project management student (mentee) and the project manager (mentor). The PMI Madison/South Central Wisconsin Chapter partnered with Madison College to expose "Introduction to PM" students to real life project management and hopefully to become future PMI Madison/South Central Wisconsin members.

The goal of this partnership is to connect young and would-be project managers with PMI Madison experienced project managers so they can learn from them.  Once the student applies online on the "I NEED a Mentor" page, we start work to find them a suitable mentor.  

It is up to the student to reach out to the assigned project manager, and schedule and conduct an interview either over a video call, phone call or in person.  The time needed for this interview is an hour or less, and the project manager can earn 1 PDU for the interview.  (The project manager must self-report the PDU).

The benefits of this program includes community awareness.  The more people know about project management, then PMI Madison membership increases, Madison College increases project management enrollment, AND Students up their value!

Note to PMI Madison project managers - if you can volunteer your time, please sign up on the "I WANT to Mentor" page if you have not done so in the past, or email the Director of Mentorship at


To sign up to get in contact with a Project Manager that you can interview, please fill out the "I NEED a Mentor" form on this site.  Once you submit a request, our Mentoring team will reach out and put you in contact with a Project Manager.

The success of this program rests with you!  After you have signed up, you must then reach out to the project management mentor, and also meet with the mentor to interview them.  After the interview, you will be asked to provide feedback so we can document a measurement of success.