Mentoring - Madison College

Mentoring is a rewarding experience for the Mentor and Mentee. The PMI Madison/South Central Wisconsin Chapter is working with an instructor at Madison College to expose "Introduction to PM" students to real life project management and to become future PMI Madison/South Central Wisconsin members. The 8-week class started and each student of the class will be looking for a mentor very soon. We need 12 mentors. If you can volunteer your time or know of anyone else, please go to the PMI Madison web site and sign up on the “I want to Mentor” page.


  • Goal => Connect young, and would-be, PMs to PMI-Madison PM mentors.  
  • Concept => 8 week class started October 26, and we will pair up 12 students with PMI Madison Mentors.  
  • Measurement of Success => Each Mentor will fill out a survey (that we create jointly) after the interview that will measure 👍 or 🙁 success.
  • Change Outcome => Community awareness, more people know about PM, PMI membership increases, Madison College increases PM enrollment, Students up their value


To sign up to get in contact with a current Project Manager that you can interview, please use the following Google Form to sign up.  Once you submit a request, our Mentoring team will reach out and put you in contact with a Project Manager.

Student Project Manager Request Form