Mentoring Welcome



Welcome to the PMI-Madison Mentoring Program! 

The Mentoring Program pairs experienced PMP-certified project managers with individuals who are new to the project management profession, or looking to expand their knowledge in a specific area. So you probably have asked yourself – "Why does the PMI-Madison chapter have a mentorship program? What is in it for me as a member, or how does it impact our community?“

Great questions!

The primary reason why our chapter has a mentorship program is to share our knowledge and experiences with each other, so we are able to be the best project managers we can be. Our successful projects are a positive reflection on our chapter.

In addition, the mentorship program gets chapter members involved as mentors, mentees or both. While getting involved, chapter members can enjoy sharing or learning many varied topics. Examples include:
• Agile project management
• Learning project management in a specific industry such as health care or government
• Learn a new tool, such as Microsoft Project
• Learn a new process such as Risk Management
• Learn more about project management for beginning project managers
• Team building
• Managing large and/or complex projects
• Career Advancement

The PMI-Madison chapter is currently seeking Mentors!  Let us know what your interests are, and we will match you up with someone who is seeking knowledge, or someone who can provide their experiences.

Not only can you make an impact on someone's life, or learn something new that you can immediately apply on your project, you earn PDU's while doing it.  As a mentor or as a mentee, you earn 1 PDU each for each hour spent working together. 


1. Determine if you want to Mentor, or if you need a Mentor.

2.  Fill in the information on the web form.  Provide as much detail as possible.

3.  Submit the form.

4.  You will receive an email indicating you have signed up.  If any questions, please contact the Director of Mentorship at