How to Apply


1. Determine if you WANT to Mentor, or if you NEED a Mentor (to be a Mentee).

2. Review the Mentor or Mentee Welcome Packet.

3.  Fill in the information on the web form (I WANT to Mentor or I NEED a Mentor).  Provide as much detail as possible.

4.  Submit the form.

5.  You will receive an email indicating you have signed up.  If any questions, please contact the Director of Mentorship at


To sign up to get in contact with a Project Manager that you will work with, please fill out the "I NEED a Mentor" form on this site.  Once you submit a request, our Mentorship team will reach out and put you in contact with a Project Manager.

The success of this program rests with you!  After you have signed up, you must then reach out to the project management mentor, and also meet with the mentor to work with them.  Afterwards, you will be asked to provide feedback so we can document a measurement of success.