The PMI Madison/South Central Wisconsin Outreach program was created to partner with corporations, educational institutions, professional organizations and other community organizations to:

    • Promote and raise awareness of the project management profession and the PMI Madison chapter.
    • Build relationships, foster collaboration, and exchange information to further the professional growth and educational opportunities for chapter members.

The Outreach program activities are aligned directly with the strategic plans of the PMI global organization and the PMI Madison chapter.

The Outreach program is comprised of five primary functions.

    • Community Outreach: work with local nonprofit organizations to provide volunteer project management expertise, volunteer time, and donations.
    • Corporate Outreach: advance and promote the practice and profession of project management among local corporations and provide project management expertise to local corporations.
    • Educational Outreach: inform educational institutions on the existence and goals of PMI and on the career of project management, and provide project management training to students and education providers.
    • Military Outreach:
    • Professional Outreach: partner with other PMI chapters and professional organizations to provide events and development opportunities for each others members.

Outreach activities include identifying potential outreach opportunities, meeting with business , educational, and community leaders, delivering formal presentations, coordinating events and volunteers, and networking. In return for their time and work efforts Outreach volunteers gain knowledge and experience and credits towards their certification.

If you are interested in volunteering or would like more information about the Outreach program please visit the PMI-Madison/South Central Wisconsin website, or contact the Vice President of Outreach at vp-outreach@pmi-madison.org