Mentorship Types

It is the PMI Madison Chapter’s goal to offer Mentorship opportunities in as many forms as possible.  Mentorship programs exist in the following areas:

  • Traditional One-on-One Chapter Member Mentorship Program
  • UW Madison PM Certificate Applied Learning Program
  • Madison College (MATC) Project Management Interviews

Traditional One-on-One Chapter Member Mentorship Program:

The Chapter Member Mentorship Program pairs experienced PMP-certified project managers with chapter members who are new to the project management profession, or looking to expand their knowledge in a specific area.

Let us know what your interests are, and we will match you up with someone who is seeking knowledge, or someone who can provide their experiences.

There is no minimum or maximum hours required.  The relationship is driven by the mentee, and you can meet as much or as little as you want.  Each hour spent counts as 1 PDU to be self reported to PMI.

UW Madison PM Certificate Applied Learning Program:

Within the PMI Madison Mentorship program, is our partnership with the UW Madison Continued Studies Project Management Certificate program.  In this program, before the student can obtain their certificate, they must pass the “Applied Learning Review”.  This requires spending a minimum of 3 hours with a PMI Madison Chapter Project Management Professional.

You as a mentor will review at least one project that the student is currently working on and discuss principles and best practices covered in the three PM classes and how they relate to the project.  You will ask questions, offer suggestions and make a judgement whether the student should be awarded the PM Certificate based on the student’s quality of discussion, answers to questions and approach to managing the project.   It is important that you are not doing all of the talking.

The UW-Madison Continuing Studies Project Management Certificate ( of three classes (two days each):

  • Fundamentals of Project Management
  • Agile Scrum for Project Management
  • Beyond the Basics of Project Management: Managing Risks, Relationships, Resources and PPRS

The final step in the certificate, the Applied Learning Review, is outlined here:

Madison College Project Management Interviews:

Mentoring is a rewarding experience for the project management student (mentee) and the project manager (mentor). The PMI Madison/South Central Wisconsin Chapter partnered with Madison College to expose "Introduction to PM" students to real life project management and hopefully to become future PMI Madison/South Central Wisconsin members.

The goal of this partnership is to connect young and would-be project managers with PMI Madison experienced project managers so they can learn from them.  Once the student applies online on the "I NEED a Mentor" page, we start work to find them a suitable mentor.  

It is up to the student to reach out to the assigned project manager, and schedule and conduct an interview either over a video call, phone call or in person.  The time needed for this interview is an hour or less, and the project manager can earn 1 PDU for the interview.  (The project manager must self-report the PDU).

The benefits of this program includes community awareness.  The more people know about project management, then PMI Madison membership increases, Madison College increases project management enrollment, AND Students up their value!

Note to PMI Madison project managers - if you can volunteer your time, please sign up on the "I WANT to Mentor" page if you have not done so in the past, or email the Director of Mentorship at